Robotector Character Silicone Skin for the iPhone and iPod touch


Welcome to Nugo Labs, creator of original character silicone skins for mobile devices. 
Our original action figure silicone skin adds (a) character to your mobile device. Somebody reading your email over your shoulder? Robotector will give them a fierce look that will make them go away! People checking you out as you walk down the street? Robotector will shake his fist at them from your pocket! He's the perfect companion for your urban adventures. Muggers? Not on his watch!

Best known for: Robotector, Nugo Labs. Antonio de Jesus is the creator of the Robotector character silicone skin series for mobile devices. Antonio was born in the Dominican Republic, where he studied Fine Arts and Illustrations at a prestigius art school called Altos de Chavon School of Design before coming to New York to attend Parsons.  

Upon arrival in New York, Antonio quickly established himself on the New Jersey art scene, where he gained local popularity with his paintings depicting the urban landscapes of Hoboken. One of his paintings forms part of the Hoboken Historical Museum private collection. Drawn to the possibilities of the digital realm, Antonio has most recently been working as a graphic and packaging designer for the gaming/electronic industry, and developing his brand, Nugo Labs. His creation, the Robotector character skins for mobile devices is an inspired combination of art and utility, influenced by manga and Kidrobot collectible vinyl toys.

What does Robotector means?  The Robotector is the representation of possibilities. It represents will power. The idea came when I first got the iPod classic as a birthday gift back in 2004. But it was developed when I got my iPhone 3G in 2009. During the creation of my series Robotector I had to confront many negative situations which forced me to quit many times during this so stressful process. I aproached few people who could make this happens from day to night, but istead I only ended up with a broken dreams of seeing my character come to life. I see the Robotector as the enchanting magic of dreams. It is the force of inspiration within me. Is a dream come true. The Robotector gave me the power and the confidence to do what I wanted to do. Inside, sweet like I could only imaging. Outside, ready to fight agains the ones who some how belive could stop me from making them a reality. More characters coming soon.